Ebenezer Scrooge in Berlin

Humbug! By Class 10.2


On 3rd December 2019 classes 10, Mrs. Heidemann and Mrs. Olbrich went to the ”Akademie der Künste” in Berlin by bus to watch the play “A Christmas Carol” in English.

If you are wondering what “A Christmas Carol” is, we’ve got the answer: It’s a theatre play taking place in the 19th century featuring the infamous miser, Ebenezer Scrooge. It was originally made by Charles Dickens in 1843.

Just when the theatre was about to begin, we had to switch seats because another class came a bit too late (their train had a malfunction).

The actors and actresses introduced themselves. After that the play began. A lot of us were pretty surprised when it started – it was definitely not what most of us expected. It was rather funny to be honest. You could almost immediately notice that the actors and actresses were native speakers. Their English sounded really nice and fluently. The play was well-acted.

After the play ended at about 1:05 pm we went back to our school.

We would definitely recommend seeing it.

Some quotes:

“The performance lasted around 90 minutes with a short break. There were seven actors who convinced with dancing and singing. They all played several roles.”

“Another feature was that the stage design did not change a lot. But by their acting skills it did not seem boring and you did not have the impression that it was the same. The 90-minute play included a break and brought everyone in the Christmas spirit.”

“We were really glad to have the ability to join the theatre with that lovely Christmas story. In our opinion it was a great experience and we enjoyed it. The actors who were also singers were excellent.”

“The performance was very good as well as interesting and we would recommend watching it.”

“We think that this stage play was pretty interesting because they weren’t using that much props. Furthermore, they spoke very good English which we understood very well. By the way, only seven artists were playing in ‘A Christmas Carol’. We would recommend watching this performance to other classes, too.”

“The chairs were not really comfortable ones, but it was ok. The actors were really good.”

“And it was also very funny…We can only recommend that spectacle. Besides, we think every class after us will love it.”

“In our opinion the Christmas carol is a very good one because it brings a useful message and spreads a lovely Christmas feeling.”